Price List

revised January 1, 2018

Note: Prices may vary . Prices are subject to change without notice. ALL PRICES AND SERVICES WILL BE SUBJECT TO 13% HST unless otherwise noted. Results of cosmetic treatments may vary.

Clinic Specials

BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis

Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Excess underarm sweating)
200 units of BOTOX plus the injector fee for $1050 plus HST

Important: Dr Sliwowicz will be moving his cosmetic practice as of July 1, 2018. He will no longer accept new ACNE patients but will continue to service his current patients at Skinatomy Laser Clinic at 2445 Yonge St

Products & Services

Techniques & Treatments

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Consultation Fee NO CHARGE
Per Unit $9.99

Typical costs (Individual costs will vary)

Frown lines $200.00 - $400.00
Crows Feet $200.00 - $400.00
Forehead Wrinkles $160.00 - $320.00
Bunny Wrinkles $100.00 - $160.00
Jowl muscles $200.00 - $400.00

In addition, BOTOX®, in varying amounts, is used in conjunction with other advanced cosmetic procedures to enhance your desired look.

Medical BOTOX®

Hyperhidrosis (excess underarm perspiration, usually covered by third party insurance) $1050.00

Ask about the Hyperhidrosis Access Program

Skin Fillers

Consultation Fee NO CHARGE
Juvederm Cosmetic (per syringe) $585.00
Juvederm for Acne scar Treatment (per syringe)
Price varies depending on the degree of scarring
Voluma for deep tissue fill (per syringe) $750.00

Individual treatments may require more than one syringe

Comedonal (Black-head and White-head) extraction

Comedonal extractions (Includes freezing and Intralesional Kenalog (per extraction) $25.00
Extraction of Milia (per milia extracted) $25.00

Intralesional Kenalog Injections

Intralesional Kenalog Injections for rapid resolution of acute acne inflammation (first injection)

Intralesional Kenalog Injections per injection after the first injection



Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags less than 3mm

Price may vary with use of local anesthetic, or,

skin tags that are in  difficult locations

For The First 5 Skin Tags (per skin tag) $25.00
For The Next 6-10 Skin Tags (per skin tag) $17.00
After 10 Skin Tags (per skin tag) $15.00

Benign Mole Removal

The size, area and depth of a mole define the compexity and thus the method of mole removal.  The price for mole removal is determined during the initial consultation.

Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy

Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy (per lesion) $25.00


LATISSE (per box) $150.00